What payment system are used for payments?

Use the same payment system you have invested in.

How can I withdraw my funds?

Before withdraw funds, check your e-wallet details. If you haven’t completed e-wallet, click on PAYMENT DETAILS in your personal account. Here you can correct your payment details. If everything ok, but system still rejected payments, check a correspondence between withdrawal and selected e-Payment System. For example, if you have some funds for withdrawal in Perfect Money, so you need to select the same e-Payment System (in this case: Perfect Money).

What electronic payment systems is the company used?

EMPIRE BIG CAPITAL is used different electronic payment system such us Perfect money, Payeer, AdvCash, NIXMoney Bitcoin.

Are there any restrictions if I invest money?

Investments are accepted in strict accordance with investment proposals. Minimum investment 10 USD (0.01 BTC ).

What percentage of profitability can be provided in the company?

EMPIRE BIG CAPITAL LTD has 9 investment plans
Investment plans vary in yield, investment terms and frequency of charges.
Use our calculator to choose an appropriate investment plan. You can find our calculator on the page INVESTMANT PACKAGE.
Remember that you can open several investment packages simultaneously.

How much investment packages can I create?

There are no limits.

When and how often is interest paid on my personal account?

Interests is paid every 24 hours. The period starts after the successful deposit.

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